Geometry Wars 2

Geometry Wars 2, the sequel to one of Xbox Live’s best selling Arcade game was recently announce at the 2008 Electronics Expo known to many as E3. Geometry Wars 2 is set to launch on August 6th, 2008 at an unknown price range (most say the 400 Microsoft Points will stay, meaning roughly five dollars just as the original was priced).

The main drift of Geometry Wars 2 is to captured what everyone loved and make it better. From reading multiple websites like Joystiq and Kotaku I have condensed a list of upgrades that Geometry Wars 2 has on the first Retro Evolved.

Multiplayer: 4 player offline co-op

Mini games: GW:2 includes mini-type games such as wave, pacifist, King, Timed and so forth.

Enemies: Knew floating weight like enemies have been added

And for further information:
“Geometry Wars 2 is broke up into six different game modes, Evolved (just like the original GeoWars with the addition of new enemies), Timed (score as many points as possible within’ a certain timeframe), Waves (the orange enemies game as seen in PGR4) as well as the newer game modes King, Pacifism and Sequence.” (

I will continue to update the site as information leaks through and provide specifics as best I can.


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